Miniature Projectors in Mobile Phones

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Mobile phone manufacturers are working on integrating video projectors into their technology and although they're a few years off yet the concepts look impressive.

Update: News Jan 8th 2008 A mobile projector in your pocket

..The new method dramatically decreases the size the projectors, as well as the manufacturing cost. The smallest of the demonstrated prototypes was about the size of a packet of cigarettes, and the company explained that it could be reduced to the size of a matchbox by the end of the year. The LCD panel itself is only 0.24-inch wide, which can easily fit into mobile phones..

Phone to Carry Video Projector

..The reduction in size comes from a technique invented by Upstream for channeling the light from LEDs to a display in thousands of small beams. Light, whether from a candle or an LED, naturally shines in every direction. Upstream has built a complex micro-optical system that collects that light close to the source and sends a huge proportion of it to an intended target. The so-called "photon vacuum" optical system surrounds the LED like a shell..

A movie projector in a cell phone?

..The projector is targeted at eventual use with cellphones and the video iPod, and includes no moving parts, skipping over prisms and glass to use lasers for imaging..

New PVPro mini projector has no moving parts

..Adding a projector to a handheld device, says Ming Wu, professor of electrical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, could change the way people communicate. Friends might share more movies and pictures, and business professionals who hesitate to pack a bulky projector for a presentation might start using more visuals when they pitch their products, Wu says. "I think it will dramatically change how people will interact with one another," he says. "People won't hesitate to use more image-based communications."..

Pocket Projectors

..Templeton touched on other TI technology advancements and said, "Given the increasing level of visual content available and the display limitations of small screen sizes, TI is working on technologies such as a micro DLP(R) projector for mobile applications, including cell phones. Today we provide solutions for the world's smallest projectors through our DLP Technology

When used in conjunction with a cellular phone, these mini projectors can significantly enhance the viewing experience. We believe these kinds of mobile solutions could revolutionize how cell phone content is viewed."..


..The Digismart technology design, centres on the use of a miniature wide-angle lens system. The design protection covers the unique lens arrangements and use of solid state or filament lamps (the former largely eliminate heat end energy consumption issues) for fixed, hand-held and mobile apparatus applications..


No larger than a sugar cube, the video projector is ready to hand at all times. Instead of the conventional microarrays, it contains just a single mirror which can be rotated around two axes. This makes it smaller, lighter and handier than traditional..

A projector the size of a sugar cube from

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