Sony Ericsson W700 Titanium Gold

04/04/06 Permalink

The W800 was primarily a phone for those who like their music and the new W700 titanium gold edition has built on this. A 256MB Memory Stick PRO Duo will be enough to hold roughly 5 albums but you can buy a 2GB (2048MB) seperate stick which could probably hold most of your music collection.

What I particularly like is the 3.5mm earphones socket on the Sony Ericcson W700, which allows you to plug in standard earphones. A lot of phone manufacturers either use a 2.5mm socket or a proprietary socket which is annoying when you need to replace the earphones.

The Sony Ericsson W700 also comes with handy FM radio (SE are tending to make the FM radio a standard in their phones) and you can also get separate parts such as speakers. It looks like you could make this phone into your own personal hi-fi as well.

The casing is made from Titanium which means is corrosion-resistant from everything from sea water to acid.

The Sony Ericsson W700 is available in Q2 2006.

Full list of specs on the Sony Ericsson site

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