Siemens shows off NGMN sample

29/09/06 Permalink

The fourth-generation mobile network is called NGMN – Next Generation Mobile Network. As part of an in-house exhibition at the Siemens Forum in Munich, Siemens held a live presentation of the functionality and advantages of this network for the first time worldwide. NGMN is the evolutionary enhancement of the UMTS mobile standard and will be on the market by 2010. The technology draws out maximum transmission capacity from existing UMTS frequencies and promises theoretical data rates of up to 100 megabit per second.


For the demonstration, Siemens transmitted two high-definition HDTV videos, each with data rates of five megabit per second, to two devices via the simulated NGMN network. During the presentation, it was evident that the videos were being transmitted in a uniformly high quality independent of the user’s location in the network cell. In addition, Siemens highlighted the improved latency period with an online game, which demanded in particular an extremely low system delay along with a quick user reaction time.

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