World Cup 2006 on your mobile

25/04/06 Permalink

Service providers are gearing up to provide a range of World Cup content for their subscribers, ranging from text news to streaming video of matches.

Vodafone Netherlands are offering broadcasts of all 64 FIFA World Cup matches this summer as well as photos, news and stats (link). Vodafone are selling the content for 5 euros as a package.

Verizon Wireless are offering highlights of the 64 matches.

T-Mobile Deutschland customers will be able to watch 20 live games on their 3G handsets as well as highlights of all 64 matches with interviews and commentary. T-Mobile UK will be offering 3-4 minutes highlights through their 3G service.

Orange Switzerland is to offer live matches as well as previews, interviews etc for 3G subscribers.


DVB-H, a mobile TV broadcasting technology is too young at the moment for wide coverage of live WC matches which is a pity.

A rather expensive report on Mobile TV for the World Cup

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